Keeping You Connected

NWS has been a full-service materials and logistics provider for the wireless industry since 2012. We have the ability and the experience to quickly deliver equipment and support to carriers, project managers and general contractors exactly when they need it—even the very next day.

By combining extensive industry knowledge, exceptional customer service and quality materials, NWS is the proven partner you’ve been looking for to keep your cell sites running smoothly.


NWS aspires to be the recognized leader in the delivery of outstanding products and services in an ever-changing wireless industry. We partner with the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers to deliver nothing less than the best products available. We foster a work environment that attracts talented employees who improve our deliverables. And we never stop trying to improve the bottom line of our customers.



Jeff White started Network Wireless Solutions in the beginning of 2012. Prior to that, Jeff was the COO of CNS Communications, a telecom construction company, where he first recognized the opportunity for a materials and logistics provider that was dedicated to meeting construction needs. With more than 30 years of executive experience, Jeff’s background includes a partnership at Burns Staffing and V.P. of East Coast Operations for Peoplelink Staffing. Jeff is dedicated to providing both unparalleled products and services to NWS customers and a great working environment to NWS employees.


John Hamilton has more than 30 years of domestic and international experience in the telecommunications, oil and gas industries. Prior to joining NWS, John spent four years in a Wireless Material Distribution company as V.P. of Wireless Infrastructure Sales. John also served as CT Head on the deployment of a major wireless network in Canada during his time with Nokia Siemens Networks Canada, where he also held the role of Project Director for the Midwest Region, responsible for deployments with AT&T, T-Mobile and Montana PCS. John held positions as Project Manager for Williams Communications in the USA and has telecommunications, oil and gas industry experience in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.


Sam Clark comes to NWS with more than 15 years of progressive experience leading wireless network infrastructure deployments. Over his career, Sam has run large programs spanning from national full turnkey cell site deployment to core network/data center installations. Prior to joining NWS, Sam was General Manager and Director of Key Accounts with Lemcon. Previously, Sam was Key Account Manager with Parsons Corporation, leading their wireless network deployment operations for major OEM’s and carriers across the U.S. and Canada.


Todd Ellis brings 23 years of experience to NWS in his role as CFO, where he manages the financial strategies and operations that have continually grown the company. Todd is committed to maintaining a high level of integrity within the telecom industry through producing a quality product and providing excellent customer service. Prior to joining NWS, Todd gained financial experience in a variety of industries, including hospitality, healthcare and radio. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Jenn Viklund VP of Administration

Jenn Viklund brings 13 years of telecom experience to NWS in her role as VP of Administration. Jenn is dedicated to bringing a high level of Turf knowledge and management expertise. She serves as a customer interface and manages the quoting and billing finance team. Prior to joining NWS, Jenn worked with major telecommunications construction firm Mastec Inc., as a Program Manager for Project Controls, and with Goodman Networks as a Revenue Analyst. Jenn graduated from North Carolina State University with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Business Management.

Michael Littell


Michael Littell has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics industries. Prior to joining NWS, Michael was with Communication Network Solutions, where he served as Senior Project Manager for the AT&T LTE and 2nd and 3rd Carrier UMTS projects. Prior to that, Michael worked at the BASF Corporation as a Senior Marketing and Communications Manager. Michael also served as the General Manager for the Andersen Group, a collection of companies specializing in the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of medical and veterinary equipment. Michael also has extensive experience in the regulatory, ISO certification and quality assurance processes for the manufacturing and warehousing industries.

Ryan Cuitino National Sales Director

Ryan Cuitino brings 8+ years in distribution sales experience within several verticals of the wireless telecommunications industry to his role as National Sales Director. Prior to joining NWS, Ryan spent his career growing business nationally to vendors building for all major carriers, as well as working to establish and grow carrier direct and tower owner sales. Ryan is also well versed in electrical and DAS sales, and has worked to deliver solutions to several major venues and cities throughout the country.

Luc Marceau VP of Staffing and Support Services

Luc Marceau has 25 years of experience in international construction, telecommunications projects and business management. Prior to joining NWS, Luc worked for 3 years as a Strategic Consultant, helping companies develop or restructure their telecom business. Previously, he led Lemcon Networks in the Americas and then worldwide up to the company’s sale in 2013. Luc lived and worked in Europe and Africa for 10 years and has been involved in wireless network deployment projects on five continents for 20 years.