You Need Superior Products To Build Superior Bandwidth

NWS takes great pride in fulfilling our customers’ fiber-optic needs. We can provide hybrid fiber-optic cable assemblies in any custom length, complete with connectors, and our on-staff, BICSI-certified RCDD can assist with any design. And thanks to our manufacturing and testing abilities, we can ensure that every assembly is built to today’s strict standards.


Indoor And Outdoor Solutions

With the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, NWS realizes the need for high density, plug-and-play, single mode and multi-mode options. We can supply indoor and IP-rated outdoor assemblies, along with MPO outdoor and indoor solutions designed for high fiber counts.


NWS offers outdoor hybrid jumper assemblies, as well as plenum- and riser-rated indoor patch cords. Since the jumper or patch cords can be the weakest link to a network, NWS helps you build with the highest standards to decrease network down time.


For telecom rooms, data centers or outdoor applications, NWS has the right fiber-optic cabinet solution for your needs.


For cleaning and inspecting fiber-optic connectors, NWS can provide simple, easy-to-use cleaners and inspection tools for indoor applications, as well as outside plant and cell tower applications.


NWS’s specialized training courses teach you how to safely and competently install, maintain and test fiber-optic network systems. You will learn practical knowledge of fiber-optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the telecommunications industry. Training includes hands-on fiber-optic repair, including fiber cable installation, insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) testing, connector cleaning and loss prevention.

Fiberoptic Cable Introduction