2017 NFOC Conference – Verona, NY

On September 13th and 14th 2017, NWS attended the annual NFOC conference in Verona NY. Vendors included the latest test equipment, cable management, connectors, and outside plant installation equipment. Indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable solutions were also well represented, in various fiber counts, jacket materials, and fiber sizes. Another focus at the conference this year was informational seminars. Corning brought a presentation on multimode fiber. The migration away from copper cabling to more fiber in the data center using OM3, OM4, and the introduction of OM5. Bandwidth requirements and transmission speeds for fiber cabling were also covered, which included options using parallel optics for 40G, and 100G. Discussions about a “Universal” fiber were also discussed in case study, were universal fiber was used in both a multimode application as well as a single mode application.
There was also a very informative seminar on FTTX. Understanding the requirements for fiber to the office, curb, and node. The use of splitters, PLC and WDM were covered, as well as outside fiber plant requirements, splicing and OTDR troubleshooting.