NWS @ BICSI – 8/17/17

On 8/17/2017 NWS Director of Manufacturing, Tom Morin attended the BICSI regional meeting in Meriden, Ct. BICSI stands for Building Industry Consultant Services International. BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. Tom has been a certified RCDD since 2009. Topics covered in the meeting where:
Revolutionizing the workplace with Innovative ICT technologies.
Former BICSI President Ed Donelan, covered the full spectrum of “the internet of things” POE lighting, in building security, DAS and wireless access points. Also coved cost reductions for new construction using POE devices. Projected 30 billon devices on line by the year 2020.

Ribbon Fiber Technology:
Sumitomo electric Lightwave did a presentation on Optical Ribbon Fiber. Ribbon fiber allows installers to populate their high fiber counts quickly and easily. Instead of populating one fiber at a time, 12, 24, 48, up to 144 strands can be run and spliced or terminated, at once. Outside and indoor cable solutions were presented, also the new slotted core ribbon cable with fiber counts up to 1728 fibers.

A new layer of security Inside the white space:
Great Lakes Case and Cabinet presented their security product lines for high security situations. Case studies on the O’Hare airport breach were covered, and the ease of information from data centers to be compromised without the proper security enclosures.
High Power Ethernet (HpoE) Installation Practices for low Voltage Cable Plants:
Rick Foster, RCDD, TLT, covered best practices for installing POE systems requiring higher voltages. POE stands for power over ethernet, essentially running electrical power through ethernet cables instead of standard electrical wiring. IEEE and NEC standards and inspection were covered. Items needing higher voltage door access 60W, digital signs 100W, Larger TV’s monitors 200W.